The Bastion-Varbastya Association is an organisation registered in 2016, through which the founders aim to provide a legal framework for a broad collaboration between civil, ecclesiastical, educational and political institutions in Timisoara, with the aim of broadening the range of Hungarian events in Timisoara.

The organisation is headed by a seven-member board. Its President is László Péter Tamás, Honorary Consul of Hungary in Timisoara. Vice-presidents: Erdei Ildikó, Kása Zsolt, Szilvágyi Zsolt, Sütő-Udvari Magdolna, Metz Rita, Tóth István.

One of the main objectives of the association is to organise the Hungarian Days of Timisoara as a joint celebration of Hungarians in Timisoara, in the framework of a weekend event in public spaces. We envision the Hungarian Days of Timisoara as an event that will reach out to and mobilise the entire Hungarian community in Timisoara, providing quality programmes for all ages of the community through cultural, educational, cultural, traditional and entertaining events. This year we are organising the fourth edition of the Hungarian Days of Timisoara.

Another aim of the Bastion-Varbastya Association is to take up issues that affect the Hungarian community, which can be achieved with the broad involvement of the Hungarian community in Timisoara. Since last year, the association has been running the Hungarian House, which has quickly established itself as another Hungarian venue in the hearts of Hungarians in Timisoara. During its year and a half of operation, the club has hosted more than 50 Hungarian events. The Várbástya Association runs the Timis County NGO Fund, which this year for the third year in a row provides small grants to Timis County NGOs. During its operation, the fund has supported more than 30 projects.